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By JB from Lubbock, TX On 06/08/2021

Verified Buyer! Purchased 2 Months Ago

Smaller than expected and I checked dimensions.

The item is very cute and seems well made but the child size is too small for even an averaged sized 4 year old. The length given seems like it should be long enough for a child that is well under the top limit but in reality a child doesn’t lay at the very top of the pillow, no one does. Usually people lay in the middle of a pillow and that cuts off a lot of space lengthwise which sadly I didn’t think to consider. Also, it is very narrow even for a thin 4 year old. She cannot zip it up with a stuffie friend even though the stuffie is no more than 12 inches long and max 6 inches wide at the widest point and floppy. To have to buy an adult size for a 4 year old is quite ridiculous given the price of the item. I suggest doing away with the kid size and just selling the adult size as one item. Although the larger size is probably very narrow as well for an adult but maybe ok for a child. The narrow width of the item makes it very difficult to roll from side to side while item is zipped.